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Daughter - Candles

10-04 - 2:29

Tulipani #vsco #vscocam #tulipani #tulips #iphone5 (at Earle Page College)

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È basta! #secchione #sapiente #vaffanculoilcompito #hoancorafame

09-16 - 4:40 - 1 note

My dash just did a thing.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it.

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A few Simpsons gifs that sum up how I feel about the Australian federal election result.

Fathers Day love! Nobody is cooler than my Papa Bear 💚🌿 #coolasacucumber (at Backmede)

09-01 - 4:33

Shelfception #vscocam #fujifilm #instax #college #procrastination #decor #furniture (at Earle Page College)

07-19 - 3:25

Milkshakes and coconut ice with the lovely @maya_swift for her birthday! #vscocam #thegoodlife (at Dumaresq Dam)

07-16 - 9:06

The first blossom! 🌻#minisunflowers #windowsillgarden #vscocam

07-13 - 2:19 - 1 note

Woodstock preparations

With love, from

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Stained sink before Woodstock

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My beautiful brother on his sixth birthday!

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timmytimtam: u just spoke to me tho, u no i'm coot ;)

Can someone tell Tim that he’s wrong? thx

05-27 - 12:12 - 1 note

I tried to take a photo of myself balancing a red pen on my upper lip to send to my sisters with the caption “This is about the highest level of productivity I will reach today” but as I was waiting for the timer to go off, the pen dropped. I shit you not, this picture was taken a split second after it fell. That sad, defeated expression on my face is absolutely, pathetically genuine. I can’t even use a red pen as a moustache; why am I at university? Who even let me in here? My life is shit. I want to be Buddy Holly.

05-21 - 11:32

This is my amazing Papa Bear. He is a beauty of a man. That happy face is a result of spending a summer day gardening. 

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05-20 - 8:31